Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taare Zameen par.... A lovely story

Saturday night.. I was feeling bore.. Some of my friends made the plan to go outside for some fun. But in our area Night Life is zero. So, at last we decided to see Amir Khan's latest film "Taare Zameen Par". Due to the cold night their were very peoples come to see the movie. And we are one of them. NO Rush was there. So, we got the ticket easily.

Show started at 8.00 pm. I love Amir khan's movies because he always made different and meaningful movies. In this movie Amir khan tries to show the community of abnormal children's to whom most of us forget. It is a story of a child who is naughty, dull, foolish (acc. to peoples) due to his superb brain. And his parents admit him to boarding school. But he dont want to go there. Everyone asked him dull, duffer etc. Then Amir Khan's helped him to improve their writing, reading skills. Main thing is Amir give the importance to that child. Result the guy beat the painting teacher of school in the competition.

Moral according to me : Every person in this world has their own importance. Someone has well speaking skills, Some writing, some loving, some playing etc etc. So, we should give importance to all. Even anyone is weak, abnormal, struggling etc. Because actually in that time he/she needs your favor. If you give some favor on that time. Then that's person will be fan of you forever.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Bike Stolen and we founds it in funny style

Last night me and my brother was wondering in our Amritsar city around 10.30 pm. It was too cold. When we reached near bus stand we seen the Reliance Store. So, we decided to lets see something to eat and shop. We parked our bike outside the Reliance store. After buying some eating products we came out and seen our bike was not there.

My younger brother got shock that hows its all happened? And I was laughing and asking "Jo hona tha ho gaya" Lolz. But when we searched bike here and there. We failed to found. Then a same bike (same color, model) like our bike was standing there. Then I asked to my brother that someone took our bike mistakenly and left their bike here. Some of them asking us we should inform Police all about this. I thought Police can't do anything right now. We should try our self. We will go to Police If we failed to find.

Soon, lots of friends gathered around us(my brother called them). Then I called the securities of reliance and took off the paper of Bike and found the address of person who took our bike. Then 2-3 friends and my brother went to search that person. After long search we found the person who took our bike. Then he came with our bike, felt sorry and taken their own bike.

We laughed lot that he was sleeping and we were searching him. After that we arranged a little party on the road. Thank God we found it. It was really a great fun. So, we can't forgot now this Reliance Store of Amritsar.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google locked some gmail accounts

Are you regular user of Gmail? Check your Gmail account first. Because some peoples Gmail accounts are locked by Gmail. This all is done to stop spam Gmail accounts. But by mistake Gmail locked the lots of accounts of active Gmail users. That's make it big news.

Lots of important data stored in Gmail account of Gmail users. They all believed on Gmail due to big brand Google. They lost their lots of important emails. Its too bad news.
After Yahoo, Hotmail peoples love to use Gmail. Google should take serious steps against this problem. Otherwise it can spoil Google brand too.

I read on one website Google is going to regained access with no data loss. Hope Google will solve this problem soon. On the other hand Google orkut was also under updating today for sometime. Google is making new changes day by day in orkut by adding new features and functions.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Latest Yahoo smileys

Do you often use Yahoo messanger for chat? Yes? ok. Smileys plays a big role to show your expressions. Here is some yahoo smileys ASCII code and their smiley faces. Remeber ASCII code and enjoy your chat.

Yahoo Smileys

Customized Smileys

Standard Smileys



happy smiley


A happy smiley

sad smiley

sad smiley


A sad smiley

joke smiley


Just joking smiley

laughing smiley

laughing smiley


A BIG grin smiley

eyelashes smiley


Batting eyelashes or coy smiley

confused smiley

confused smiley


Confused smiley

love smiley


Love struck or heart smiley

blushing smiley

blushing smiley


Blushing or embarrassed smiley

tongue smiley

tongue smiley


Tongue sticking out, cheeky smiley

kiss smiley


A kiss smiley

shacking head in disbelief smiley



A shocked smiley


steaming smiley


An angry smiley

smug smiley

smug smiley


A smug smiley

sunglasses smiley

sunglasses smiley


A cool smiley




A worried smiley

evil smiley

evil smiley


A devil smiley

smiley in tears


A crying smiley, or a smiley in tears



A laughing smiley




Straight face




Raised eyebrow




An angel smiley

nerd smiley


Nerd, a buck toothed smiley

hand smiley

hand smiley


Talk to the hand

Zzz's smiley

sleeping smiley


Sleeping smiley

rolling smiley


Rolling eyes smiley




Sick smiley




Quiet please smiley, shhh



Not talking, upset smiley

clown smiley

clown smiley


Clown smiley

crazy smiley

silly smiley


Silly or crazy smiley

sleepy smiley

tired smiley


A tired or sleepy smiley

drooling smiley


A drooling smiley

scratching chin smiley


Thinking smiley, scratching chin

doh smiley


Doh smiley, hand over forehead

applauding smiley



oink smiley

pig smiley


Pig smiley

moo smiley

cow smiley


Cow smiley

monkey smiley

monkey smiley


Monkey smiley

rooster smiley

chicken smiley


Chicken smiley

rose smiley


A rose

clover smiley


A four leaf clover

peace flag smiley

american flag smiley


A Peace flag and an American flag smileys

halloween smiley


A pumpkin smiley for the halloween season

coffee smiley


Coffee smiley

lightbulb smiley


An idea, a lightbulb smiley

skull smiley


A skull

green alien smiley


A green alien with antennas smiley

alien smiley


An alien disguised as a smiley



A frustrated smiley

cowboy smiley


A cowboy smiley with oversized hat

prayer smiley


A praying smiley



Hypnotized smiley

dollar signs smiley


Money smiley, eyes turns to dollar signs smiley

whistle smiley


Whistling smiley

long nose smiley


To tell a lie, the Pinocchio smiley, grows a long nose

black eye smiley


The black eye smiley

victory sign smiley


The peace or victory sign smiley

wagging finger smiley


Shame on you, wagging finger smiley

dancing smiley


Dancing joyous smiley, dancing with a finger

hug smiley


Give me a hug smiley

Yahoo! Smileys onlyworks with IMVironment has been downloaded