Saturday, August 4, 2007

New champion of WWE, USA The Great Kali of India

Little introduction to WWE champion The Great Kali of India

The great Kali, an Indian wrestler won the WWE heavy weight championship. Kali increased the name of Indian in whole world and proves Indians are the best. The Great kali is born in village dhirana, Sirmor of Himachal Pardesh in 22 August of 1972. His original name is "Daleep Singh Rana".

He belongs to very poor family. He has six brothers and sisters. He also worked as coolie and stone bummer work. He was very popular due to their heavy weight.

His life turned when Punjab police officer Mr. Bhullar give him a chance in Punjab Police.

MR. Kalli also won the Mr. India award in 1997 and 1998. In 1999 he went to USA. Here he get the real turn in his life. He attached to Pro wrestling school in USA. And took part in WWE.

He also wrestled with International famous wrestler Kane, Undertaker, John Cena, Big Show etc. You will see Great kali Daleep Singh soon in Hollywood films.

He is coming back to India next month. Everyone is excited to meet and for warm welcome of The Great Kali Daleep Singh Rana. Anyhow he proved in WWE that Indians have everything. We need just to promote these types of peoples in the front of world and rest world see....

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radio FM 94.3 launched in Amritsar

Today where we have lots of enjoyments channel like CD's, DVD's, Internet, TV, Home theatre etc. for our enjoyments we mostly forgets the old entertainment player.... Radio.
In past time radio is the best source to get news, listen songs etc. Where we forget the radios in this modernize world their radio FM took the fabulous step to keep continue the market of radio. Radio FM gives the new life to radio world. Radio FM is famous for latest, best songs, news etc.
After opening their centers in Ludhiana, Jalandhar its time to open a new center in Guru ki Nagri Amritsar. Date 27 July, 2007 Radio FM launched his new center in Amritsar with range name FM 94.3 Everyone is too excited on the launching of FM 94.3 in our Amritsar city. Also, excited to listen songs on Radio FM 94.3 even it is car, mobile, radio etc.
All peoples are searching their old radio's to listen radio FM 94.3. That’s really great news. It’s also increased the demands of mobiles with radio features. Now anyone can enjoy Radio FM 94.3 in Amritsar. You can listen song on your request too.
My little bro also searched the old radio specially to listen Radio FM songs. hahaha
I congrats to Radio FM team to start FM 94.3 in Amritsar. Listen song and Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy