Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Neelkanth Yatra

It was Thursday. I was in little tense. One of my friend asked me to go with him on the tour of Neelkanth. Its was holiday due to Holi.

First I say No.
Then I think it can be good for me. So, I packed my bag and moved to yatra.

Neelkanth is present in Uttranchal, Haridwar. So, first we reached at haridwar. And took bath there in Ganga ji River.

The water was too cold. But I enjoyed it. It gives me refreshment.

After taking bath we moved to Rishikesh, Laxman Jhoola.
Because Neelkanth yatra start from Ram Jhoola.

Its my friend and cousin brother name Vibhu Dham. Working in MNC Company. He forced me too come with him.
So, after taking bath in Ganga. We reached at Ram Jhoola. The whether was too good?
Neelkanth is the place of GOD SHIVA known as Bhagwan Shiv.
There were 2 options to reach there BY Road or By Forest.
As you know I love something different and difficult tasks so we choose forest way.
Because if we gone through road then its too much boring.

We were 2 me and Vibhu Dham. And some peoples meet us, which were also going through that way. Now I had a group.

This is the first mandir in the way of Neelkanth Yatra.
From here the Yatra of neelkanth starts.
The way was totally Junglee. So, we need to be aware and careful.
We met lots of animals like monkeys, langoors, Peacocks etc. during our journey.

But the way was too amazing and environment was heart rocking.
We started our Journey almost 11.00-11.30 Am
We were enjoying the God Natural things.

The Junglee was too calm and cool.

We met lots of langoors there. They are too much in number.
They were looking something for eat from us.
But they were not dangerous. They were too calm and shy.
So, we did little enjoyment with them too.

See how we reached next post....