Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reasons why LIFE without a Girl Friend is cool?

While Checking my email I got this wonderfull wording in my email sent by one of my friend about guys without Girl friend.
See the benefits of not having girl friend. It's really too cool.
1. You can stare at any Girl.......
2. You don't have to spend money on her.
3. You won't get boring result in ur board papers.
4. No girlfriend, no emotional blackmailing.
5. If u don't have a girlfriend, she can't dump u.
6. Having a girlfriend is hot, not having a girlfriend is automatically cool, and every one loves to be a cool guy.
7. This can be more to life than just waiting for the bloody phone to ring.
8. You won't have to tolerate someone else defining, "right" and "wrong" for u.
9. Girlfriend can get so possessive that you can't do anything according ur wishes anymore.
10. You can buy gifts for mom, dad, sis or grandpa instead of a girlfriend and have a happier family life.
11. You won't have to waste paper writing love letters. No more endless waiting for ur date to arrive at some weird shop place.
12. You can have more friends, as u will have more time for them.
13. You wont have to see boring love stories instead of sports.
14. You wont have to tell lie to anybody and, therefore, u'll sin less.
15. You can have good night's sleep-no need to dream about her.
16. You wont have to fight over having a 'special' friend with ur folks.
17. No nonstop nonsense.
18. You wont have drown in the pool of her tears.
19. No tension.
20. You can be "urself"
21. You wont have to hide your telephone bills.....
If you think we should write more on it and any point left please post in comment...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Baisakhi - a harvest festival of punjab

Pungriya vallan vellan rukhi chadiyaan,
Fulla heddon fallan ne paroyiya ladiyaa,
Sai di nigaah Jag te sawaali e,
Chal ne premiye Baisakhi Chaliye.
Oye Jatta Aayee Baisakhi... Baisakhi is the festival of Punjab.

According to Punjabi, old calendar Baisakhi is the new year. Baisakhi of Punjab is too joyfully. This festival related to harvesting. Today the Jatt of the Punjab are very happy because of their ready wheat in farms. Today is the day of cutting of wheat grass or selling of the wheat in market.

Peoples start this day with ardaas (the pray of God) by visiting local temple. Specially our local temple Golden temple (Shri Darbaar Sahib Gurudwara). Peoples come from different area for the blessing in Golden temple.

The Baisakhi is celebrated all over India under different names and different celebrations. Baisakhi known as 'Rongali Bihu' in Assam, 'Naba Barsha' in Bengal, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu and 'Pooram Vishu' in Kerala.

There are too much other reason to celebrate .
But Punjabi Baisakhi is totally different from others.Due to selling of wheat the farmers pocket are full with money. Therefore, they arranged a party, which is call Mela in desi language. In this mela they enjoy Bhangra-Gidda (Shaan of Punjab), Sweets like round-round stop (Jalebi), Vesan boondi laddo, Barfi. And Wine, Lahan, Whisky, Sugarcane Juice (Ganne di roo), Pepsi cola for drink.

Peoples mostly taste Jalebi on this day.
Children love to buy toys, shoot balloons, etc. in the mela. On some places, Punjabi Akhara also held. Akhara means where fighters do wrestling. It’s too enjoyable to see the fight of Pehalwaan's (fighters) in Akhara. Winners of Akhara in Wrestling get too much prizes. Bhangra wow The Shaan of Punjab..

You automatically exited if you see the bhangra(Punjabi Dance) of Punjab. This day the gabru(boys) of Punjab dance Punjabi bhangra in dress with tumbi, kaatoo,daanga, kundi etc. All of them dance on the beat of Dhol(A instrument) with the shouting of Oye aaye baisakhi jatta aayee basakhi..Haye shavaa..ballee balle.. And all others make a amazing shout..wanna shout with me..lets start.. BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH....
It is call badak in punjabi.

You are excited naa. I know. Just think the peoples who are watching all this how much exited they will be. However, it is happens only in Punjab.

Once again Happy Baisakhi to you all from me.

Monday, April 9, 2007

A heaven Maklodganj, Bahkusnag, Dharamshalla

It was Saturday. We were feeling little bore. One of my friends came to me and asked lets go out for some new. After little discussion we decided to visit Makloadganj, Dharamshalla in Himachal Pardesh.

This trip was also for the discussion of new topics. We were three Ankur, Neeraj and me. Dharamshala is 200K.M. far away from Amritsar.

We reached at Pathankot 10.00 pm. We took a room in hotel at Pathankot.
After taking our dinner we went out for walk. Long night we go to bed for sleep. Because we had to wake up early next day.

Next day we waked up 7.30 AM. We were ready after taking breakfast at 10.00Am.
Now we moved towards Dhramshalla in our car. We were enjoying too much in mid way. Himachal Pardesh is the state of natural beauties. We see lots of sceneries, rivers, farms etc. Dharamshalla is around 100 Km. From Pathankot.

We stopped our car in many places to view the Himachal beauties. We also shoot too much scenery. We also see ice on some mountains. Cool breeze was blowing as we were moving towards Makloadganj, Dharamshala.

A last we reached at Dharamshalla, We were little hungry now. So, we decided to took some food. But, we were at the top of the hill. There were only 2 local restaurants where we got only Maggi Noodles. It was not too good but little good. After eating Maggi we moved to Makloadganj.

Makloadganj is the capital of Tibet. It is famous due to temple of Lord Buddha and Dalai Lama. There was also a temple of Lord Shiva known as Bhaksu Nag 2-3 K.M. far away from Makloadganj.

There was also some good waterfalls, hills etc. to view. Mostly foreigners love this place for smoking and drinking. That’s why you see lots of foreigners there.

We decided first to view the temple of Buddha. There was too much continental or foreigners restaurant in the street. It seems like we were not in India. Everywhere foreigners are wondering. Indians were not in much amount.

We were still hungry. So, we had gone to a Italian hotel. We took some drink and sandwiches there. Cool - cool breeze, light music, clean environment, tasty food..
Hmmmmm really its too enjoyable.

After little walk we reached at Lord Buddha – Dalai Lama temple. It was too calm place. In temple, there was a statue Ashoka, Buddha, candles light, money chakra etc.
We took some photographs there. Also, rolled the money chakra by pushing clockwise. We are again in the street of Makloadganj. Our next step was to view the waterfall in Bhaksu naag.

In mid way we met Thom from England. After little talk he was too friendly with us
He was also going to visit waterfall. He felt hungry. Again we took Maggi with cokes.
Now, the most enjoyable journey starts from here. Me, Ankur, Neeraj and Thom

Tom and Gina with us। A nice couple। We make too much fun with them. We are enjoying the naturality of the God. Then thom asked me to teach him Punjabi. Hhahahaha its too funny to teach him Punjabi. We teached him Punjabi abuse. Hhahaha its too funny. His tone of voice is same as punjabi's. He talked to some punjabi's guys by abusing words. Oh God its too funny. All guys were shocked by listening abusive words from the mouth of Thom (england). Then approx. 10-12 guys comes there to shoot the abuse of Thom. All of them were enjoying too much this moment.