Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scientific Proof Of Ghost Existence

As my blog readers knows that I have seen the ghost and soul twice. But when I share it with anyone, no one was ready to believe on me. Reason no proof of it. I didn't believe in ghost before seen them. But now I have seen so i have to believe on it. I found a report that shows that a ghost, souls exist.

I found a report by great scientist Albert Einstein which shows that ghosts power exist.

When scientists debunk ghosts their first statement is usually, “there is no scientific proof of the existence of ghosts.” This is wrong. There is scientific proof. Science even has theories that explain something must be happening beyond what we know and what we can see. Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Time Magazine's Man of the Century and one of the greatest minds the world has known, taught us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. (we read in physics.. ) It can only be changed from one form of energy into another form of energy. This means that no matter what is done energy cannot be destroyed.

Another great scientist who believed in life after death was Thomas Edison, (1847-1931). Edison was a genius ahead of his time. He invented the light bulb, phonograph, typewriter, electric motor, stock ticker, and 1093 other patented inventions. One of the inventions that he worked on at the end of his career was a secret project, a machine that would let the living see and communicate with the souls of the dead.

Edison believed that that the soul was made up of what he referred to as “life units.” These microscopic particles or life units could rearrange into any form. They retained full memory, personality and were indestructible. Edison's machine would detect these life units in the environment and allow living individual to communicate with the dead. He put many years of hard work into his new creation, but sadly, he died before it was finished. Some called Edison was crazy. Others thought that he was onto something bigger than the idea of the light bulb. They believed that if he would have had a little more time, we might all today be living in a very different world.

It's been found that in almost every ghost haunting and poltergeist that there are certain electrical elements at work. Using EMF detectors ghost hunters can monitor these electrical forces. These devices can examine and record even the smallest fluctuation in the surrounding electromagnetic field. Everything gives off some kind of electromagnetic field, even our own bodies. Electrical appliances, like television sets and computers give off higher distortions than a lamp or a toaster would. When ghosts are present there are higher levels of electromagnetic distortions. Many times the distortions are so high that they interfere with the working abilities of computers systems and audio/video equipment. High levels of static electricity are also detectable.

Recording temperature changes is another scientific way of detecting the presence of ghosts. Fluctuations of more than 10 degrees have been recorded in small areas of rooms with constant temperatures. It's a scientific fact that there has to be some form of energy present to alter the temperature. Temperature does not change unless "something" is affecting it one way or the other. In many ghost sightings witnesses report feeling a cold spot. This could be caused by the fact that light does not seem to reflect correctly off of most ghosts, which also gives them a dark form. The light seems to be absorbed into the ghost. The theory is that ghosts absorb both light and heat energy causing the general area around that ghost to be several degrees cooler.

There are also hot spots recorded, which could be just the reverse affect occurring. Instead of soaking up the light and heat the ghost is reflecting it back, causing the area to be warmer. These unexplainable electromagnetic fluctuations and temperature changes are scientific evidence that something is happening. Ghosts are real.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Real World Economics - Educational Material

Real world economicsToday I just got this article for distribution ... This article really has some nice words... Read it carefully.

1. Corruption control, the literature

It is popular to define corruption as the use of public office for personal gain. Would this include a president (and members of Congress) who are behaving as if they already have received hundreds of millions of dollars for their re-election campaigns from the health care industry?

It does not appear to apply to politicians who proclaim that they want to see higher taxes and a greater variety of taxes each year. Squandering tax revenues on space programs, expensive foreign wars, massive farm subsidies, and massive urban development subsidies also are exempt.

Social security, the Nazi brainchild, as originally implemented was no more than a massive surtax on income. "Don't you worry now", said the Nazis, "Some time many years from now, after you are dead, you will become eligible for payments. Of course we don't make any payments to dead people."

A typical scenario in the U.S. is that of a man reaching the age of 65. He gets a payment of $5600. Federal taxes are $2400 and state taxes are $600 leaving the victim with a social security income of $2600 per year, $216 per month. The system is absolutely disgraceful. Parasites don't leave much behind for their hosts to survive on. Whenever criminals gain control of a county's monetary system a lot of strange things happen.

What it all boils down to is a system in which many special interests do as they please, and not as they should. The result is the same as an uncontrolled cancer spreading throughout a victims body. The stages are well defined and the disease progresses as expected.

2. The colonization concept:

Logic at a level of intelligence that is below that of the average tapeworm has prevailed for hundreds of years. Colonies were periodically looted of all their gold and silver by the royal crown (as tax collections). This, of course, left the colonies with no money to purchase or sell goods and services. The impact upon the colonies was devastating.

Once an adequate money supply exists to support commerce in a region such as England, it is at best stupid to keep hoarding more and more gold and silver. A doubling of the supply of gold and silver does nothing other than to reduce its value to half of what it used to be. Shutting off the royal looters is what made the U.S. very prosperous compared to British colonies that were unable to break free of the British crown.

3. Virulent versus non-virulent parasites

Some only want to rob you. Others, the virulent parasites, want everything, including your life. There are some (non-virulent) parasitic arrangements that are similar to a tapeworm sucking nutrients out of a victim intestine. For example, merchants might have to go through 15 local regions to get their barge filled with 10 tons of wheat to a seaport where it can be loaded onto ships and sold in the international market. The king in a local region granted a particular land baron the right to collect tariffs from river traffic in the amount of ten percent of the goods carried. At each check point a chain across the river forced each barge to stop so that the ten percent tariff (one ton of wheat) could be collected. It is the same logic at a level of intelligence below that of the average tapeworm. By the tenth tariff collection point the barge no longer had anything in it. The land barons raved about merchants defrauding them of tax revenues by using land routes instead of the river to get their wheat to a seaport. The greedy land barons taxed themselves out of any revenue at all. They actually were stupid enough to believe that their loss of revenue was the fault of clever tax evasion by merchants.

Virulent parasites deliberately destroy their hosts. These would include adverse encounters with smallpox, malaria, bengal tigers, etc. A good example would be the German Nazis. Their approach was simple. "Here we are. We are going to steal everything you own. Then we are going to kill you." The advantage is the collection of a huge quantity of resources in a short period of time. The disadvantage is that the hosts are destroyed. Actual behavior usually is the only way of identifying virulent parasites. They do not have green skin, two inch fangs, or any other obvious unique characteristics.

There are some obvious evolutionary changes since the days of the Roman empire. Roman outposts hundreds of miles from Rome thought nothing of collecting tribute (robbing) the same farmers dozens of times each year. These were the first property taxes. They were collected in whatever amount and whatever manner the taxing authority felt like collecting them. This resulted in the demise of farmers and their farms that were close to the outposts (hence easy to rob). The criminal nature of property taxes continues to this day.

Breaking the death grip of central authorities is a matter of life or death. The result is a large number of small nation states. A big fly in the ointment is that small nation states are easy to infiltrate, subvert, and conquer. Small nation states may not be able to afford the cost of international protection. Hence a welfare situation exists. What usually happens is a brutal absorption by a neighboring country.

The past century has seen two basic forms of class warfare. The first is that of honest management/government versus management/government that is saturated with criminals and parasites. The second is that of legitimate labor versus a work force that is saturated with criminals and parasites. The war was lost with the triumph of Stalin in Russia and the triumph of Hitler in Germany. Mass murder is one unmistakable symptom of infestations. Today the problem is widespread in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc.

4. ACTION: How do you survive? Anybody who builds a bomb shelter is suffering from a complete split with reality. If you do not have sufficient forces to engage the enemy, a good idea would be to make yourself scarce as soon as possible. What in fact happens is that some persons adapt to a hostile environment much better than others, resulting in elimination of the worst misfits. Unfortunately elimination does not apply to mutants such as mongoloid idiots or parasites. Even as one group of parasites is in the process of self-destructing, new groups are being formed.

Parasitic rule by governments and corporate mismanagement is more common today than ever before. The results are more devastating than ever before too. Breaking free of parasitic management is essential to survival. The problem is not identifying the weeds. The problem is getting rid of them.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip from Delhi to Bangkok - Pataya

Bangkok from Aeroplane
19th of august 2010, it was a remember-able day for me. On 3.30pm i got a call from my friend that we are going to visit Bangkok.

It was too hard for me to reach at Delhi Airport from Amritsar. I have to reach at Delhi Airport upto 5.00 am. So, I just ready my suitcase, new shoes, photographs all in 1 hour and reached at Amritsar Railway Station at 4.52 pm. Shtabdi train was in the front of me. I went to the train, found the T.T. and he gave me T.T. seat.
I was without ticket due to shortage of time and I had to reach at Delhi at any cost. So, Shatbadi was the only option for me. T.T. took Rs.750 from me for the seat.

Anyhow I reached the railway station around 11.00 o'clock. My friend meet me their and we move forward towards Airport. We took our flight from Delhi Airport at 8.30 am and reached Calcutta Airport 10.30 am. It was my first International trip. So, after all formalities, checking we reached to immigration department. Here we have to take our international flight.
hotel pataya cityBut Calcutta Immigration department refused to send 70% of Kingfisher Bangkok flight passengers just for under table money. We were going first time so they asked us you don't have any other country stamp and we cant go there. We were 3 friends.

They were making fake excuses for all. Anyhow after my fight with immigration dept. and due to our qualification, communication in English, they agreed with us to go for Bangkok.

All other persons were not educated and they took bribe Rs.1500 from each which was very shameful.

Anyhow now we were in Kingfisher flight and enjoying the airway. After 2.30 hours we reached at Bangkok. We were enjoying to much and full of fun.

bangkok airportBangkok Airport was too clean. We took INR to Bath(thai currency) 100:60. Means 60 bath for 100 rupees. As we know Thai visa is free. Due to huge rush in visa department we decided to get VIP Visa service. They charged just 200 bath for per visa and it took just 5 min to get visa.

Ms. lue come to pick us. She welcomed us. An ac taxi come to us to drop us at our hotel Pataya city in Pataya. It tooks around 2 hours to reach at Pataya from Bangkok. Our car speed was 120km/h. We reached at our hotel 7.30 pm at Pataya. It was our first day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mata Vaishno Devi Tour

Rajma Chawal
Ankur Raman Anshuman
site seeing from Aadkuwari
Vaishno devi monkeys
Temperature Vaishno Devi
Weather Vaishno Devi
Katra vaishno devi
It was 12th of august 2010. We all friends planned to visit the Mata Vaishno Devi Mandir. As our plan we all meet up at our Amritsar Railway Station. Train arrived at right time

Sunday, July 11, 2010

92 Years Old Indian Blogger

Blogging has come of age in the country, quite literally. 92-year-old Mrinalini Sarabhai is the latest to hop onto the blogging bandwagon - the legendary dancer has set up her own blog on popular host site

"Ageing is a mindset. Keep working, keep interested and active!"
she begins, dispelling the notion that blogging is only for youth

It was her 26-year-old grandson Revanta who initiated her into hitting the keyboard, but blogs aren't new to Mrinalini.

"I am a passionate reader, always open to the throbs of the contemporary world. The word 'blog' was there in my vocabulary ever since it was coined. Whenever I hear about some interesting postings by people, I am always there to check it out."

The Padma Bhushan recipient plans to splash personal anecdotes and random thoughts across her e-journal, which has lush green woods in the background and two posts so far.

But, she is making sure it doesn't read like a story of ' her life, as her autobiography was published in 2004. "I don't think I should 'trouble' my readers again."

We enquire if tweeting is next on the cards, and she nods. "Yes, I am planning to share my blog contents through Twitter and Facebook."But, Mrinalini isn't trading the real for the virtual.
"I still find pleasure in writing with my pen, and seeing it published in black and white," she signs off.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brother's Marriage Pictures - Marriage in Punjab

Today I got the pictures of my brother's marriage which was held on 12th april, 2010 - Shagun and 14th April, 2010 Barat. See howz Punjabi celebrates marriage....

Here are some shots, Hope you like it :


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marriage hallMarriage Hall
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