Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip from Delhi to Bangkok - Pataya

Bangkok from Aeroplane
19th of august 2010, it was a remember-able day for me. On 3.30pm i got a call from my friend that we are going to visit Bangkok.

It was too hard for me to reach at Delhi Airport from Amritsar. I have to reach at Delhi Airport upto 5.00 am. So, I just ready my suitcase, new shoes, photographs all in 1 hour and reached at Amritsar Railway Station at 4.52 pm. Shtabdi train was in the front of me. I went to the train, found the T.T. and he gave me T.T. seat.
I was without ticket due to shortage of time and I had to reach at Delhi at any cost. So, Shatbadi was the only option for me. T.T. took Rs.750 from me for the seat.

Anyhow I reached the railway station around 11.00 o'clock. My friend meet me their and we move forward towards Airport. We took our flight from Delhi Airport at 8.30 am and reached Calcutta Airport 10.30 am. It was my first International trip. So, after all formalities, checking we reached to immigration department. Here we have to take our international flight.
hotel pataya cityBut Calcutta Immigration department refused to send 70% of Kingfisher Bangkok flight passengers just for under table money. We were going first time so they asked us you don't have any other country stamp and we cant go there. We were 3 friends.

They were making fake excuses for all. Anyhow after my fight with immigration dept. and due to our qualification, communication in English, they agreed with us to go for Bangkok.

All other persons were not educated and they took bribe Rs.1500 from each which was very shameful.

Anyhow now we were in Kingfisher flight and enjoying the airway. After 2.30 hours we reached at Bangkok. We were enjoying to much and full of fun.

bangkok airportBangkok Airport was too clean. We took INR to Bath(thai currency) 100:60. Means 60 bath for 100 rupees. As we know Thai visa is free. Due to huge rush in visa department we decided to get VIP Visa service. They charged just 200 bath for per visa and it took just 5 min to get visa.

Ms. lue come to pick us. She welcomed us. An ac taxi come to us to drop us at our hotel Pataya city in Pataya. It tooks around 2 hours to reach at Pataya from Bangkok. Our car speed was 120km/h. We reached at our hotel 7.30 pm at Pataya. It was our first day.

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