Monday, March 12, 2007

Neelkanth to Jhilmil Guffa(Cave)

After viewing the neelkanth Temple. We moved towards Jhilmil Guffa. This way is much tough. The mountains were too calm. Some peoples asked to us there could be some Oxygen problem.
But we were looking just our destination. We were tired again after short walk because of straight climbing.
In the way we see the temple of Mata Parvati ji. We took some rest their and after viewing the temple we moved again. Now the sceneries were too good. We can’t reach at Jhilmil Guffa without a proper guide. After walking some steps I met a foreigner named as Bhagwat from Germany. He was also going to Jhilmil Guffa(Cave) to met his friend. So, now one person was added more in our group.

There were few peoples who were with us on that way.
There were few peoples who were with us on that way. This is the outer part of Jhilmil guffa. The Inner part is too good.
Jhilhmil Guffa(cave)Outer Part

I was too much tired now. But I was exited to see more things same like this.

See some amazing thing in next post…

My Neelkanth Yatra Part-2

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Neelkanth Yatra Part -2

जै शिव शंकर, नीलकंठ
In our last post you see our yatra starting। Now, this is the main temple from where yatra goes to be some difficult.
In our last post you see our yatra starting. Now, this is the main
Temple from where yatra goes to be some difficult.
Everyone took the name of God like " Bam Bam Bole, Kabhi naa dole"
The area was too cool and calm. We got just only one big problem
but due to our mistake.
We forget to take the bottle of water with us. So, no water facility
in the whole way.
We got water from the leaked pipes in the way. Anyway we are still
enjoying our travel. Some peoples are coming from up. They asked be
aware due to monkeys.
So we took some sticks in our hand. We were now toooooo much tired
because continues climbing without water.

But the area was too wonderful, amazing. We were now watching the
god created natural beauties. And Ganga river was too far away from
now. We were now on the some height. In the way all shops (3-4 max.)
were closed due to holi.
We find an old, and cute Shivji Moorti in way। Really its look too natural. Here we find a shop. Thank god. ON the shop Tea and Nimbu
Paani(Lemon water) is available. So, we took lemon water. We felt
little relaxation now.

Now we were again on the way. Again after long journey we
reached near at our destinations. From where the downway starts. Its
not easy to go down of the moutain becoz of destroyed way. But
anyway we managed it and reached finally at our destination. We also
see a saint who was doing dandwant(walking by lying on the ground).

Now we were looking for hotel. But from this way there was no hotel.
But only a single Dharamshala. So we took a room there and dropped
our all bags and sitted. Then a boy comes for an order. We were too
hungry now. But first we decide to take a cup of tea. After taking
tea we took our dinner. Dinner was too tasty. Now I come out from my
room see all around. Oh god Unbelievable. A big dark area with no
noise. And cool air was blowing.

Now we decided for a long sleep. It was 10.30 now.
But we met a saint in civil dress. I don't believe in god from heart
that God exists or not. Because no one has solid proof that god
exists. Nobody Sees the Allah, Ram etc. That was mine thinking.
But after meeting that saint I was totally changed and shocked.
You can’t believe I met the god; I talked to the god directly. It was my
That saint told me his experiences. He sees the God many times. He
also told me the dress, height, environment etc of the god.

It’s unbelievable but its true. Vibhu and me took long discussion on
the god up to 12.45 with him. But he gives the answer of my all
question which was impossible for others. He also told me the inner
power of a human.

It was around 12.10 am all peoples were sleeping and their was a
too much silence. We felt that we are talking directly with god
because a different type light was coming from his face. Oh god its
unbelievable. I think its god who was giving all the answers of my
negativity against god. Anyway I got too much things from him.

Around 1.00 am we gone for sleep.
On Morning we took our bath and prashad from the shop. And gone to
the Neelkanth temple. There was a little shivling of shivji.
All peoples were asking "Jai Bholenath, jai-2 Shiv Shankar, Bam Bam
Due to some restriction we were unable to take photographs.
After viewing neelkanth mandir. We took our breakfast and now we
planned to view a another Temple cave known as Jhilmil Guffa and
Ganesh Guffa. It was 5-7 Km from Neelkanth. No more peoples know
about it. But we were ready to go there even we know that way was
also too difficult. So see my next post for Jhilmil GUffa and Ganesh