Monday, March 12, 2007

Neelkanth to Jhilmil Guffa(Cave)

After viewing the neelkanth Temple. We moved towards Jhilmil Guffa. This way is much tough. The mountains were too calm. Some peoples asked to us there could be some Oxygen problem.
But we were looking just our destination. We were tired again after short walk because of straight climbing.
In the way we see the temple of Mata Parvati ji. We took some rest their and after viewing the temple we moved again. Now the sceneries were too good. We can’t reach at Jhilmil Guffa without a proper guide. After walking some steps I met a foreigner named as Bhagwat from Germany. He was also going to Jhilmil Guffa(Cave) to met his friend. So, now one person was added more in our group.

There were few peoples who were with us on that way.
There were few peoples who were with us on that way. This is the outer part of Jhilmil guffa. The Inner part is too good.
Jhilhmil Guffa(cave)Outer Part

I was too much tired now. But I was exited to see more things same like this.

See some amazing thing in next post…

My Neelkanth Yatra Part-2

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