Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Ghost Picture or Fake one?

I just got this picture from my cousin who live in Jalandher, Punjab, India.

See this picture deeply. You will found some soul pictures in it.

All these guys are from Jalandher. They were going to Mata Chintpurni(Himachal Pardesh). On the way they stopped for rest and they heard some singing voice. They gone to voice direction and found nothing. That place was cremation ground. They took some pictures there and came back to home. When they seen these pictures in computer. They shocked after watching 3 souls standing with them in picture. Due to scared all of them in hospital from last 5 days. All this were too shocking.
In this pic you will see:
  1. A girl ghost standing backside on the black t-shirt guy.
  2. A boy ghost standing on the left side of black t-shirt guy leg.
  3. In between Mukti Dham sign board.

We also love to do travelling in night to same route. But now we have to think. We know lots of peoples don't believe on all this. But they exists even most of them never seen them and we have scientific proof too. They can't do anything to us, but we scared from them.

I don't know it's real picture or fake one. Just posted .. to know your comments about ghosts.