Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baba Rodde Shah - Where peoples get the Whisky free?

Hey do you know about Baba Rodde Shah? Its amazing to hear in Punjab near to Amritsar a place is held famous as 'Baba Rodde Shah" where you get whisky, Wine as a Prashad(free). 23 march was the day of ceremony of Baba Rodde Shah. Lots of drinker waits for this day. Because this day people enjoys the English Whisky, Rum alcohal totally free of cost.

All the follower of Baba Rodde Shah submit the unlimited bottles of Aristocrat, 8PM, Bagpiper, Green Label, Desi Lahan, etc. alcoholic drink. Thousands of others follower and drinker gather on this day and enjoy the unlimited drink party. Baba Rodde Shah was a saint who born in a village Dhiman at Gurdaspur. He belongs to jaat family. He prayed to god from inner soul 1896 to 1924 in Bhoma Village.
Why peoples drink alcohol as a prashad??
One Day the follower of Baba make a wish of son. And his wish completed soon.
He came to Baba to give a present of Rs500. But Baba told him goes out and distributes something in local peoples with purchase of Rs500.

The 4-5 peoples who sit outside the Baba cottage demand for alcoholic drink. From that day anyone whose wish be completed they come to here with some bottles of wine, alcohol etc.
That’s the reason there are the tub of alcohol always full and peoples enjoy the unlimited drink. Lots of women's and Childs also came here for blessings.

For drinkers this day is something like:
Valentine day for lovers,
Like a winning a lottery,
Birthday for children,
Got a job for unemployed
Mostly drinker lost their control after full drink and some of them also make some fight on that day.
But this place is really amazing...
So make a wish and if its completed then go to “Baba Rodde Shah” with the bottles of alcohol, wine etc..
It happens only in India

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