Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dollar $ price continuously falling What happened if $1=Rs.1?

From last few months dollar price is continuously falling due to more investors from abroad. It's mainly effects exporter or Immigrate. At present $1 = Rs.41.64 while some months back it is equal to Rs.46-47.

First of all Indian will stop Immigration to others countries. Because to leave our country the main reason is low or not satisfying income. That's why every year lakhs of peoples are immigrating to others countries like USA (United States Of America), UK (United Kingdom), AUS(Australia), NZ(New Zealand) etc.

I met personally thousands of students their main aim is to get a degree and settled in foreign country. Reason: Low salary Suppose you are working in USA and you are earning $2000 per month. That’s means $2000 x 42 = Rs. 84,000. Rs.84, 000 per month is not a small amount in India (also not a big). So, that creates a difference.

India is the second fastest growing major economy in the world, with a GDP growth rate of 9.2% at the end of the second quarter of 2006–2007.Due to continuously growing economy all foreign investors attracts towards India to invest. Results in huge amounts dollars are coming from others countries. And when a currency comes in huge amount their market value also decrease. But it is effecting too much to exporter. Because some months back all of them getting Rs.45-46 for each dollar but now Rs. 41-42. Banks also deduct some amounts to clear check. Overall they are getting Rs 4-5 per Dollar. $2000x5 = Rs.10,000. Rs 10,000 loss.

But if dollar starts continuously falling and comes equal to Indian rupee.
Then what will be happened Just Imagine.

1. Indian will stop immigration to abroad. Because In foreign countries the average income of peoples is $2500 in US, 1000-1500 pound in UK. But in India a tea seller also earned more than Rs.200-300 per day means Rs.8-9000 per month. Then Indian tea seller is much richer than a white-collar job person in US. I know too many persons who are getting more than Rs.100000 per month in Indian companies. Even I don't talked about Indian Businessmen. Then the highest rich person comes from India.

2. Abroad students will apply for Indian Visa. As you know in US, UK, AUS lots of unemployment too. Then the students of abroad counters will crazy for Indian Visa. Because in India their is too much employment but low salary. But if $1=Rs.1 then no problem. You can order anything online for some dollars. Indian Coke price is Rs30 but in US $2. Then we will order a Coke can from US only in Rs.10 (Rs.1 for coke can + Rs.9 for shipping).

3. Indian ladies will shop everything from abroad mostly online. Because 70% shopping is done by ladies in all over the world.
You will see foreigners in our offices normally. Because if they are getting $2500 there we will pay them $6000 (more than double)
And much more...

hahahahahha it is just a joke. But It can be possible. I think peoples are thinking little about it. That’s why Indian economy is continuously growing.

Give a comment. What you do if $1=Rs.1?


pikastru said...

hahahaha its a guud news 4 indian when dollars is like same indian rupees hhahahahahahaha

Mihir POP said...

thats not gona hapen next 35yers
i gurnteed that thing for sure
dollar cant fall as low rupee next atleast 35 years
in1990 $=35rupees during these 17 years we increased our dollar rate14 rupees
country as known rich its not just for economy its effect but little rich country=how much petrolium they spent a day
the whole world 60% car wedo have in usa
we got big &3times more land in us
even japan aus german uk nez can are very devlop countries
they cant beat us
the money u earn in us ucant earn in whole intier world for sure
ecomonyis falling but it not gona effect us for nexxt 35 years for sure
its along term time period u never know what gina happen mr raman ji
any way i ilke u r artical
good keepit up i wish my good luck to india my matar bhoomi
have a nice & good orders day

Ryan said...

WTF R u Serious???
I mean 1$ = 1Rs...????///lol

Thats Amazing