Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to open a bank account in Thailand without work permit for foreigner?

Kasikorn Bank Pratunam
Kasikorn Bank
It was too hard to open a bank account in Thailand due to new rules and regulation of Thai government. One of my friend was looking to open a new bank account in Bangkok. We tried in all banks in Pratunam, Bangkok area. But all said that due to new rules and regulations we can open your bank account only in 2 conditions:

  • Either you should have a work permit
  • Or you need a bank account letter from your embassy.
He was on 3 month sticker tourist visa. We visited Kasikorn Bank, TMB bank, Bangkok Bank and other banks. But all denied to open a new bank account. He was very disappointed. So, we planned to visit Indian Embassy. 

Indian Embassy timings are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM only. So, we had only 3 hours to visit the embassy. Next day we reached to the Indian embassy at sharp 10:45 AM. 

At reception, an officer told us that you need a local reference to open a bank account, which we had. He asked to us that we have to deposit 900 Baht for a letter and you will get letter after 3 days. We had to leave Thailand in next 2 days. So, it was looking impossible. On the gate of embassy we met Mr. Singh who lost his passport. Being a Punjabi, after little gossip we discussed our problem with him. He called a agent to open a bank account. He told us that this guy will open your bank account for sure. 

He asked us that he will take 1000 Baht for his service. We agreed because we already lost more than 1000 Baht in taxi & others. 

We reached at Kasikorn Bank after 30 min. He met with a lady in bank and lady asked us to give us your Passport, Immigration card and local mailing address. She just took 5 min to open bank account. She charged 500 for bank account and 900 Baht for ATM. And transferred 200 Baht in account. 

By this method we opened our bank account in Kasikorn bank in 5 min. Our agent did the setting in Bank. After opening bank account we visited other K bank branch to make sure that everything is right. Bank lady guided us more about services & support of K bank. And we deposited more money in our account via ATM machine. 

After this our other friends asked us to open their bank accounts. Now, it was so easy for us to open a bank account in K bank in Bangkok, Thailand having without work permit and Embassy letter. 

Let me know if anyone is looking to open a bank account in Thailand without work permit for foreigners. May be I help you.

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