Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Way Of Scam By Nigerian Scammers

Hello Friends,

Today, I received an another email by Nigerian scammers. It was quite impressive & hard to caught it. It was an assignment job email. Email was coming from email address: but email reply was going to :

Many of us will send all info what they required in email & further they will scam us.
Following is the format of email what they sent to me:

Job Descriptions:

1. You will be assigned to visit a shop.
2. You need to "pretend" to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product.
3. You will then finish an online questionnaire to share with us your customer experience.


1. 19 Years old or above
2. Can speak local language well
3. Can read and write English
4. No experience needed like shopping

You will get $250-$300 for each assignment. Most of the time you will only need to spend 20 minutes on the visit.

If you are interested in Joining us to tell immediately

1. Full Name:
2. Physical Addrss :
3. Contact Number:
4. C.o.u.n.t.r.y :
5. Email:

Thank you for your participation.

Mr. Dave Landy
Human Resources Director


Beware if you received this sort of scam email.

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