Monday, March 23, 2009

WHO CAN deny the power of prayer?

Some of us pray only when we are in trouble. That means prayer is a sincere of great comfort and solace. It gives us a chance to be in commune with the Creator. Often, in adversary circumstances, nothing can give one greater strength than the feeling that God is with you, guiding your steps every moment.

One of the most important means for the treatment of psychological diseases, which often lead to organic diseases, is to improve the patient’s morale with prayers and spiritual talks. Let him be in touch, through prayers, with the Almighty for a source of end­ less fortitude and guidance.

Prayer does not simply mean the repetition of recital of certain words according to a fixed formula, with the expectation of a favorable response. He who prays in this manner does not really pray, and must not be disappointed if his prayers are not answered.

Prayer must be supported with sincere efforts, and we must remind ourselves that God helps those who help themselves. We have the words of wisdom from our saints that tell us, "do your job well, and leave the rest to Him." Prophet Muhammad had said this in a more beautiful and effective way: "Helpless is the one who allows himself what he likes, and then asks God for the fulfillment of his wishes.

Prayer molds your mind and purifies your soul, disciplines your life and enables you to per­ form what is noble. Its power has the strength to salvage the rejected and the dejected, and gives reason and hope to live life in a manner that is purposeful and caring. The basic purpose of life is to gain insight into the sufferings of others and to get them relieved of their pains. And ' prayer acts as an effective instrument in your struggle against pain and suffering.

One can say prayer is the best medicine for all ills ­ physical, mental and worldly.

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