Monday, February 23, 2009

What Motivates Managers?

Motivation is all about treating people with dignity

What is motivation?
Though there is no one definition of the word, it usually includes:

Desires, wants, wishes, aims, goals, needs, drives, motives and incentives.

Here are some strategies that operating managers can apply in order to create requisite 'desires' within their people to deliver their best to the organization.

Providing career growth, learning and development opportunities: What a present day knowledge worker needs is adequate opportunities to learn and grow so that he remains employable in the current competitive business environment.

Providing an exciting and challenging work environment: So that he can put all his existing skills to good use.

Appreciating good performance: A manager should feel that he is a part of the team and his contribution is being noticed.

Providing regular feedback: As Ken Blanchand, author of the One Minute Manager says, "Feedback is the breakfast of champions" i.e. they want to know how they are delivering. .

Soliciting, Employees, Opinions: In order to involve them in decisions that affects their jobs.

Opening channels of communication: Regular question and answer sessions, small group forums with the head of the organization and an open door policy are some ways that might encourage managers to speak up.

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