Saturday, January 10, 2009

The protests and the support of Satyam Raju

HYDERABAD: Several people of B. Raju Ramalingan village called slogans in support of shame founder of Satyam Computer Services, while
angry investors wanted to see him behind bars: The scene was the Saturday before the house of the judge involved in Raju in custody for two weeks.

Absolute chaos reigned outside the residence of West Maredpally the judge is B. Raju and his brother Ramalingan B. Rama Raju to judicial custody for two weeks.

Both sympathizers Ramalingan Raju had since Bheemavaram in West Godavari district, to show solidarity with him. "We have come from Bheemavaram to show our support for Raju because he has done a lot for people in our villages," said Ramesh Verma, an agriculturist.

Some investors have shown their anger by fraud of Rs.70 million has admitted.

"Shame on you" was a poster for an activist animal rights near the main gate of judges Quarters in West Maredpally. "I can not as an investor, but as a man, here is this man (Raju Ramalingan) are sent to jail," he said.

"He brought many laurels for the state, including this (fraud)," he said sarcastically.

Since the camera people were employed in this man, a group began to raise slogans "We Raju.

"Everyone has forgotten the good work of Raju. How can we forget, 108 emergency services. The people in rural areas have benefited enormously from this," said Ms. Verma.

There was a little tension when a defender Raju media began to abuse the people. He said the media on Raju bubble, which is not proportionate. He had a heated discussion with some journalists and police in order to alleviate the situation.

Advocates say that fraud has been admitted Raju defended the company and not to exploit.

At this point, a shareholder intervention supported Raju. "Raju is a good man for you, but their actions have caused huge losses to me. I Rs.100000. Who will compensate me?" He asked.

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