Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taare Zameen par.... A lovely story

Saturday night.. I was feeling bore.. Some of my friends made the plan to go outside for some fun. But in our area Night Life is zero. So, at last we decided to see Amir Khan's latest film "Taare Zameen Par". Due to the cold night their were very peoples come to see the movie. And we are one of them. NO Rush was there. So, we got the ticket easily.

Show started at 8.00 pm. I love Amir khan's movies because he always made different and meaningful movies. In this movie Amir khan tries to show the community of abnormal children's to whom most of us forget. It is a story of a child who is naughty, dull, foolish (acc. to peoples) due to his superb brain. And his parents admit him to boarding school. But he dont want to go there. Everyone asked him dull, duffer etc. Then Amir Khan's helped him to improve their writing, reading skills. Main thing is Amir give the importance to that child. Result the guy beat the painting teacher of school in the competition.

Moral according to me : Every person in this world has their own importance. Someone has well speaking skills, Some writing, some loving, some playing etc etc. So, we should give importance to all. Even anyone is weak, abnormal, struggling etc. Because actually in that time he/she needs your favor. If you give some favor on that time. Then that's person will be fan of you forever.

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