Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Bike Stolen and we founds it in funny style

Last night me and my brother was wondering in our Amritsar city around 10.30 pm. It was too cold. When we reached near bus stand we seen the Reliance Store. So, we decided to lets see something to eat and shop. We parked our bike outside the Reliance store. After buying some eating products we came out and seen our bike was not there.

My younger brother got shock that hows its all happened? And I was laughing and asking "Jo hona tha ho gaya" Lolz. But when we searched bike here and there. We failed to found. Then a same bike (same color, model) like our bike was standing there. Then I asked to my brother that someone took our bike mistakenly and left their bike here. Some of them asking us we should inform Police all about this. I thought Police can't do anything right now. We should try our self. We will go to Police If we failed to find.

Soon, lots of friends gathered around us(my brother called them). Then I called the securities of reliance and took off the paper of Bike and found the address of person who took our bike. Then 2-3 friends and my brother went to search that person. After long search we found the person who took our bike. Then he came with our bike, felt sorry and taken their own bike.

We laughed lot that he was sleeping and we were searching him. After that we arranged a little party on the road. Thank God we found it. It was really a great fun. So, we can't forgot now this Reliance Store of Amritsar.

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