Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wanna marry with us?

These 2 girls are looking guys for their marriage. Both challenged they are too cute, handsome and healthy.
Both of them are good friends. Their diet is too low. Like just 5 kg milk, 24 eggs, 5 kg chicken, 10 burger, 10 Pepsi(1000ml) etc.
I think both are looks like hen in human body. I don't know how they are living.
It too hard to live with body like this.
It is a type of disease or just overflow by eating un necessary.
Anyhow God bless them both.
If you are eating unnecessary or with unmannerd way. And you are not doing any type exercise or walking then it can be harmful for you.
Eat healthy but not be like these 2 friends.
Offer is still available

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