Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Write your 100 Dreams

Can you write your 100 dreams? I know its amazing question. But the true is it's difficult to write 100 dreams. I tried but after writing 67 dreams it’s too difficult for me to write or think more dreams. Not only me I also asked some of my friends to do the same thing but also no body got success to write 100 dreams. That's our way of living. We have lots of dream but when someone asked to us write your dream then its so difficult. Why?

Most of us don't know what they have to do in their life? What's the goal of life? If you write your dream you will achieve it soon. According to one of the survey of USA Surveyors: If you write your dream on your paper it will increase the ratio of achieving that dream. So, if you want to achieve any dream. Write down it on the paper if possible with date.

Please inform me if you are successful to write your 100 dreams. I would like to congratulate to him/her personaly.


Types of dream:
Dreams with closed eyes: Once type of dream is which we see during sleeping. That's are virtual dream which have no mean in our life.

Dreams with opened eyes: The dreams, which we see with opened eyes, are Real dreams. Like I want to become Billionaire or I want a top is my college. How to write and set dreams? Most of us don't know how to write dreams?

First write your dreams on page but with date. i.e. I want to take a car. It’s called half dream. Because I don't know which car brand, when, which date, cost etc. I should write: I want to take a Mercedes S-class blue color of cost $200000 up to date 14 February of 2010 that’s seems full dream. So, if you want to achieve your dream fast then write with date, cost etc. Because when you write your dreams on paper it effects your conscious mind, which helps to achieve your dreams soon.

Note: Dreaming is just for what you have to do in your life. But if you just dreaming and don't take any action or efforts for your dreams then these dreams have no meaning.

Once a man who was the follower of god wished to god (every time). Please make me Lottery winner. That’s my only wish. But he died without winning the lottery.

When he met to God in heaven what he asked to god see:

Man : I always followed you. I did too much bhakti of you. But you don’t do anything for me. My only wish was to become a lottery winner. But you don't make me lottery winner.

God : I am agree with you. But it's not my fault. You could be lottery winner but you don't purchased lottery ticket.

So see dream with opened eyes and work for it to make it possible.

My best wishes are always with you.

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ashish soni said...

u r right dude its really difficult

i have tried it earlier.....but didn't succeed :(