Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tired from Virus - Use Nod Antivirus..

Virus Virus Virus... a dangerous name. You can say the name is enough.
The program, which can infect or harm your computer, is called Computer Virus. Fred Cohen invented the computer virus in 1983.

Where Internet exists there it's difficult to stop viruses. Virus mostly comes from email, porn websites, Software etc. how they entered into your computer?

Online: While checking your email, Surfing some unsecured websites mostly porn sites (Spy ware or ad ware) or while downloading some software. These are the major ways through which virus entered into your computer.

Offline: By copying or running any file or program from any corrupted or virus presence CD or floppy. Mostly when you used some scratch able CD to play games or to see movies or listen songs.
Peoples mostly think I have a Anti virus in my computer. I have no problem. But do you know viruses are of different types. It's not necessary your Anti virus will works every time to stop viruses. Because new day a new virus comes into the market. So you need regular upgrading of your Anti-viruses.
There are thousands of Anti Virus Software are available in market Like Norton Antivirus, Mcafee, Kasprey, Avast Antivirus etc. All works fine. But the only big drawback is low speed of Internet.
When we used any antivirus software on my computer then my Internet speed becomes slow. I also tried too much software’s to stop virus. But all failed according to my usage. Some of them decreased my net speed too. But failed to stop virus. Result, I always used format to window after a 1-2 month, which is too lengthy, and data loose able.

After long search I found best Anti Virus Software, which suits me. The name of the software is NOD Antivirus, which is free to use up to 30 days. You can buy a full version from your local Software Shop if it suits also to you. Or can used it by again and again installation after 30 days.

I am satisfied now from this AV software. Because it stops Virus, Spyware, Adware etc which can harm to our computer. and I think I don’t need to format the window again and again now. If you are facing some problem same as me related to virus, slow speed, Ad ware etc. try NOD Antivirus. May it suit you?

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