Thursday, March 29, 2007

Moblie Ghost in Punjab - Red Signal

From a week in our Punjab new news is exploring day by day. That is mobile bhoot or Ghost or virus. I met lots of peoples regarding this matter and they are confident about this news.

Actually a red light appears on your mobile and when anyone attends this call. He/She will die. Some peoples died in the Punjab due to this Red Light Ghost.(Acc to peoples). 100’s of peoples reached to hospital due to this red light ghost.

I also studied this new in local Newspaper Danik Bhaskar. Some Media Channel also described this news. We don’t know its real or fake news. But according to peoples confidence it seems true.

Professional peoples like Chairman of BSNL, Air Tel Hutch etc. told its fake news. But peoples are frightened so much due to this news.

Yesterday I heard too much news about it. So, I posted here. What you think is it true??
I don’t know its true or not but we have to believe it up to no cleared picture come.

Last time this type of news I heard in Ayodhya. But in Ayodhya this news was true because I also met the peoples there who attend the call of Ghost.

Lets see what happened ..wait for final result.. Its Virus or fake news or in reality its mobile ghost.

But it’s my suggestion to you if you got any red signal on your mobile don’t attend this call. It may be some type of virus or may be bhoot.

I don’t believe in it up to I meet a real person with which all this happened. But I know Ghost exists. Because I have some experiences with ghost.


Anonymous said...

This news is true or not i dont know but in real life, Everyday this type of incidents have come. So be careful

Vikrant said...

I have also heard of this news.
God post mate.
Ur blog is very good.very intersting posts here.
Thx for replying to my blog.

Well take my e-mail address
hope to get in tough mate

Vikrant said...

sorry hope to get in touch mate

wrote tough by mistake