Friday, March 23, 2007

Indian cricket team came out from World cup - So Sad

Oh God thats a big shock... India lost their 3rd match against Sri Lanka and coming back to India. This news break the hopes, dreams of billions of Indian.

यह बहुत बुरी खबर है कि भारत कि टीम Cricket वर्ल्ड कूप से बहार हो गयी है यह हमारे लिए बडे दुःख कि बात है ! हमारी टीम सुपर 8 तक बी नही पहुच पायी एस बात के कारण सारा इंडिया दुःखी है! कयी लोगो को तो इस बात पर विश्वास ही नही होगा कि हम हार गए !
India मैच हार गया इसकी जयादा बात नही ज्यादा बात है कि इससे से कईं लोगो को सदमा पहुंचेगा जो कि जयादा खतरनाक है! हार जीत तो लगी रहती है !
Sri lanka played first। At first Sri Lankan players plays under
Pressure. But after 40th over they played well. They made a total of
254 in 50 overs on the loss of 6 wickets.

Its not a big score but depends on situation. Pitch also goes down
after Sri Lankan team batting. There was no movement in the pitch
when India start playing.

India came out with 2 batsmen Utthapa and Gangualy. Both tried well
to make a good partnership. But Utthapa lost his wicket due to make
a cracking score against Sri Lanka on the ball of Vaas. Vaas was too
exicted and also used some wrong action against Utthapa. It’s too
Wrong when any player abused to others due to sixes, shots on every
ball etc. Vaas was also a seniors player. But I don't know Why he
did all this.

Anyhow after loosing the wicket of Indian team was under pressure and
Gangulay increased it by loosing his wait. And then Sachin came and
gone. lol Sachin made 0 runs in 3 ball.

Then Sehwag played well with Dravid and loosed his wicket on 48.
Then Yuvraj made 6 on 12 balls and run out by unlucky. Dhoni outs on the first ball. Agarkar on 10 and then a big shock Rahul Dravid outs on 60. After Rahul Dravid we all guessed now Indian team cant win. Then Zahir Khan outs on 1. Harbhajan and Patel faced some balls at last. and India came out from the World Cup After Loosing this match.

At last Patel out on 10 and finished the match. This was too much shocking news for India.
A perfect team doesn’t reach unto Super - 8 matches. I was also too much sad due to the loosing of match by Indian team.

We have a Population of more than 6 billion and we don’t have 11 best players for Cricket. That’s wrong India don’t have good players but due to corruption all this happened. But now nobody can’t do anything.

Anyhow Cricket is by chance too. Murlitharan got the Man of the match.
We need to take it as a game. But I m failed too. I really have some unhappiness due to this defeat.
In India lots of others peoples were under depress due to this defeat.
Even we have good player, the pitch was good. But damn we lost it lost it lost it.

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