Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A salute to Ratan Tata

Rattan TATA a famous name of India shows his unique creation of mind by buy UK based steel company “CORUS”. With the exception of Arcelor Mittal, which has combined production capacities of 110 million tonnes, Tata Corus, with a capacity of 23.5 million tones.

Tata was dreaming for CORUS from a year. At first TATA is going to buy CORUS with 455 pence’s per share but after interruption of others countries companies TATA have to lock the deal with 608.

TATA rank in steel industry was 56 but after winning CORUS. TATA is now on Ranked 5th steel company of world. Rattan TATA shows the example of Indians wining attitude and power.
The first rank in steel industry is Arcelor Mittal, who is also an Indian.

There were too many companies in line to buy CORUS but by rock decision of Rattan TATA, get success to final the deal.
Even TATA had not too much money too buy ‘CORUS’ but had only a decision to buy it.

Now, in top brands (FedEx etc.) TATA rank is 103rd.

In steel industry now Indians are on the top. Others, field like Information technology etc are left. But, shortly we will be on the top.

We have best engineers, doctors, Business Administrative, educated and hard working peoples, good resources but I don’t know Why India is still under developing list? Anyhow it will be changed soon.

I think the reason is only thinking and decision power. We don’t think like Mittal and TATA.

Today, India is known as cheap labor country (in every field mostly i.e. IT)
But, If every person of India start thinking like Rattan Tata, Laxmi Mittal, Ambani’s brother then in all over the world Indians are on the top in every field. Then we shall need to import labour from other countries. And I know all this is going to happen shortly.
Because, Indians start feeling their power.

Rattan Tata is an example one of them.

Now, is the time come to show our power to all worlds?
We should corporate and motivate our Indians for going ahead not be pulling legs by giving –ve suggestions.

Always remember, “Winners don’t do different things, but they do the things differently”
I know all of us can’t be Tata, Mittal, or Wipro. But, can put a small drop of our effort in our Country developments by giving new hopes to others.

TATA also increased the value of INDIA in World Market by winning CORUS.

So, give a salute to Rattan TATA.
Feel Proud to be an Indian.

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